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Sunflower_200w It is 7 whole years since I have recorded my work. Since then I have really become VINTAGE; as each company for whom I designed reaches a significant anniversary my work has appeared with their celebrations. One of my favourite early wallpaper designs, Sunflower was included in a relaunch of Sandersons historic collections and was shown in a major exhibition at The Fashion Textile Museum, it was produced as wallpaper and Fabric, and recoloured brilliantly by the Sanderson studio under the direction of Liz Cann.
The  next exhibition at the FTM was the story of Horrockses Fashions (see 1950). The exhibition told the story of the fashion house and displayed garments, bananas_200h fabrics and paper designs, including some of mine. It also launched Christine Boydell's book, about Horrockses Fasions, published by the V&A. These two exhibitions introduced me to a whole new world of vintage fabric collectors, and many really lovely e-mails from people who remembered and bought things designed by me. I designed some bed linen for Dorma based on some of my Horrockses dress fabrics.
In 2011 I was invited by Cannon Jeremy Hazelock to show a collection of Tea towels at in The Hostry at Norwich Cathedral. NorwichCathedral_400h Peter Rice designed the exhibition and I showed designs on paper and cloth.  For the exhibition I designed one special Norwich Cathedral tea towel and Emma commisioned some designs for the Bridgewater collection, I have continued designing tea towels, I designed a range  a range for Bridgewater and continued doing my calendar Tea towel for The National Trust.
Most of my time, though has been spent painting. Continuing my water colours and starting a new style of cut paper painting.  The technique started with my Bridgewater tea towels which went back to a designs I did for John Lewis in the 60's. My pictures are mostly of flowers and gardens inspired by my own small garden in Norfolk and especially by my favourite garden East Ruston Old Vicarage. Alan Gray and Graham Robson who own the garden invited me to show my latest pictures at the gardens. Since then I have shown more cut out pictures at a gallery in West Norfolk and and worked away at new pictures for private clients.
My more vintage activities happened with the 150 years anniversary of John Lewis; DaisyChain_200h I designed for Cavendish Textiles, the production side of the partnership from the late 50's to the early 70's doing some of my best work. I worked closely with the producers and buyers, some of who were at The Royal College with me. One particular design, Daisy Chain became their best seller for 15 years. As part of their celebrations they have redrawn and recovered the design and used it on all kinds of products, babyclothes, suitcases telephones and ceramics. How strange that one design should have such a long life.